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The Mouth and the Money Mouth Team

Real Business Experience
We are not armchair theorists, or senior-level marketing reps from Fortune 500 companies who know nothing about small business. We’re real life business owners who have built companies from the ground up, and sweated on every rung of the ladder to success. Not only have we been in your shoes, our staff has likely even polished them, because part of our individual successes has been the ability to start at the bottom and make every experience count for the future. And now, that experience is available to you.

There is a significant difference between a marketer who regurgitates theory and concepts from a 4-year college marketing course, and a business owner who has relied on his/her own marketing skills to eat. You can be confident that the business development plans, small business marketing advice and creative marketing strategies that are tailored to your company’s needs, come from 65 years of combined, real-life, real-business experience.

Meet The Team

Antonio Thornton “The Mouth”

Antonio Thornton is the driving force behind Money Mouth Marketing. His 15 years of extensive success in business, network marketing and coaching/training brings a plethora of skills, experiences and ideas to Money Mouth. Antonio has run 13 businesses in the last 15 years. 9 of which, he says, “…were complete failures”. He feels these experiences have taught him “more than any marketing degree could have taught.” He has a passion for helping people achieve success beyond what they thought possible. In a recent interview he was quoted saying, “Knowledge means nothing until you share it with others…I’m just fortunate to be able to make a substantial living by sharing what I know with other people.”

Antonio earned his PhD at UHK (University of Hard Knocks) He’s learned ‘the hard way’ by trying and failing, trying and failing again…trying again, then finally succeeding.

Antonio got the name “Money Mouth” from one of his clients.

Eric White of Atlanta Steamer says, “Every time he opens his mouth…out pops another money making idea…he amazes me.”

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