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Certification Test

Congratulations on your completion of the certification preliminary assignments. The final step of the certification is to complete the certification test.

Just as Marketing is as much an art as it is science, our certification exam relies more heavily on essay based answers versus multiple choice.

You'll be asked a total 25 questions and one question about the results you've gotten

Each question is worth 2 points (for a total of 50) 
The results question is worth 50 points

True/False and Multiple Choice are “all or nothing” - meaning you will get either 2 points or none. Essay questions are graded based on multiple factors and will range from 0 to 2 points. 

80 points are required to pass


-- This is timed test. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam and the timer will start immediately after pressing the START TEST button.

-- All questions must be answered. However, once the 2 hours are up, all questions answered beyond that point will be credited at HALF VALUE.

-- There is no BACK button to change answers

-- Once you start the test, DO NOT refresh the page. The test will start over and only your answered questions will be tallied.

-- If you do not pass, you'll be allowed to take the text again after 2 weeks

-- We do not recommend taking this test from a mobile device.

-- DO NOT click the START TEST button until you are ready to start.


BEFORE STARTING THE TEST:  Please collect the results you were able to accomplish for the project you were assigned. This is 50% of your certification score. You'll be asked to enter this information during the test similar to the image below. DO NOT start the test until you have this information. If you haven't watched the certification video click here