Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about our services

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[toggle_content title=”How do your contingency service fees work?”] In most cases, we make a percentage of the sales we generate for your business. We put our money where our mouth is. We don’t make money unless you make money – period
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”How do I know your ideas will work?”] They’re universal, yet untapped business principles that work across the board in almost every industry. They’ve worked for our other clients from carpet cleaning to cabin rental to professional speakers to restaurants… they’ll work for you. Besides, we’re paid for performance…if our ideas don’t work, we don’t get paid.
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”What type of clients do you work with?”] We’ll work with almost any type of small to medium-sized business. However, we hand pick our clients to ensure proper business compatibility.
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”Do you provide services for MLM companies?”] We will provide business development and strategic planning services specifically for MLM COMPANIES, not MLM Reps. If you’re a rep and you want help with growing your MLM business, visit Renegade MLM Success
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”Do you work with start-ups?”] Yes we do. However, there are start-up companies in several industries we are unable to service at this time. Please contact us to discuss your specific business needs.
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”Is that real money in Antonio’s mouth?”] Yes it is. It’s actually $700 in 100 dollar bills. (That’s all that could fit) The money was wrapped in Saran Wrap to take the pictures.

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