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The Most Comprehensive, All Inclusive, Killer Copywriting Checklist And Reminder “Cheat-Sheet” On The Market!

The reason why marketers like myself and other top-notch copywriting professionals get as much as $800 per page to write sales copy for clients is because we get everything, and forget nothing when designing materials to sell stuff. How?

There’s no way we could remember all the things that need to go into a sales letter or marketing material, so we refer to checklists or “cheat sheets” as we like to call them… to makes sure we’ve covered all our bases when writing for clients.

That’s what the Copywriter’s Checklist is all about. Until now, I had never shown it to anyone except my buddies who helped me finish it! There was no reason to share this with anyone.

After all, the combined experience, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services sold by the group who worked on it, cost all of us so much time, money, blood, sweat and tears to acquire…that we selfishly felt like we should keep this to ourselves and let other folks figure it out on their own!

Then, one of my clients asked me how I really get so much consistency and success with my marketing efforts, and said he wouldn’t let me off with some lame answer. So, I showed him a copy of the checklist.

Even though it’s only 6 pages, he immediately offered me $1,000 for it. Why because he knew that with this in his hands he could save THOUSANDS on copywriting. Now you have the chance to get this same ‘cheat sheet’ for a FRACTION of what he paid for it.

So, if you considering writing your own ads, your own flyers, brochures or even business cards, GET this amazing time- and money saver now for only $197 and you’ll be on your way to writing the same cash sucking copy that top-paid professionals create.

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