WordPress – Easy, free and very customizable. We use WordPress for all of our websites and blogs.

StudioPress – Well designed and well supported WordPress themes for building blogs and websites. Many of the themes are mobile responsive.

Theme Forest – Massive selection of WordPress themes. If you can’t find what you want at StudioPress, head over to Theme Forest.

Google Analytics – We’ve tried the more expensive analytics solutions and we keep coming back to good ol’ Google Analytics.

Sucuri – We use Sucuri to monitor our websites for malware and clean up the website if we get hacked.

BackUp Buddy – Back up your WordPress website so you can restore if your site crashes or gets hacked.

OptimizePress 2 – We build landing pages and membership sites using Optimize Press 2. Pick from a list of templates that are proven to work or build your own. We use Optimize Press to build most of our long-form sales pages.

Lead Pages – We use Lead Pages to build most of our opt-in squeeze pages and Video Sales Letter pages.

Rackspace – We’re currently using Rackspace to host

Media Temple – For a cheaper hosting solution we have used and recommend Media Temple.

HostGator – If you are just starting out and are looking for low-cost hosting, we recommend HostGator.

GoDaddy – We register all of our domains at GoDaddy. The interface is straight forward and the price is right.

WordPress + Infusionsoft + Memberium – We use the Memberium plug-in for WordPress to verify member access with Infusionsoft.

OptimizePress – We build the membership pages themselves in Optimize Press and, again, password protect those pages using Memberium.

Maropost – Most of our promotional email is sent through Maropost. It’s an enterprise level system that allows for sophisticated email list segmentation.

InfusionSoft – We send some email through InfusionSoft but, in many cases, our email marketing needs have outgrown InfusionSoft.

AWeber – If you are just starting out we use and recommend AWeber for its deliverability and ease of use.

Visual Website Optimizer – For drop-dead simple ease of use in creating split and multi-variate website tests we recommend Visual Website Optimizer. It’s point-and-click interface and support documentation make it easy to get started testing.

Improvely – Get Analytics that show how funnels are performing.

Clickmeter – Create and track the performance of links.

Screen Capture

Screenflow – If you’re using a Mac we recommend Screenflow for creating screencast video. It’s simple to record and edit from within this program.

Camtasia – For PC users we recommend using Camtasia. Similar to Screenflow you can easily create and edit screencast video.

Jing – For short form screencast video we use Jing. You can turn it on, shoot a quick screencast video and shoot a link to a colleague or customer where they can view the video.

SnagIt – Capture almost anything on your screen, make edits, resize. It’s a bloggers must have tool.


EZS3 – We use EZS3 to upload and deliver video that we host on Amazon S3. We can customize the video player and generate the embed code from within EZS3.

Wistia – We use Wistia to add email opt-ins and other calls-to-action to video. It looks great on every device and has outstanding analytics.

HandBrake – We use Handbrake to compress video and convert video from nearly any format into a format we can use.

PowToon – Easily create explainer video. We used PowToon to create the explainer video on the home page.

Video Blocks – You’ll find a great selection of reasonably priced royalty free video on Video Blocks. We use them to add a bit of flare to our videos.

Payment Processing and CRM

InfusionSoft – We use InfusionSoft to manage our customers, process payments and manage access to our various membership websites. We also occasionally send email through InfusionSoft.

Square – We use Square to process credit card payments at our events.

NMI – NMI has been a reliable payment gateway for  years.

Fusion Online Marketing Agency – We use Fusion Online Marketing Agency to outsource any InfusionSoft work that we can’t handle in-house.

Website Development

Transmit – For Mac users we recommend Transmit for FTP, SFTP and to manage files on Amazon S3.

Filezilla – For PC user we recommend Filezilla for FTP and SFTP. It’s free and well supported.

Versions – For Mac users we recommend Versions for version control and tracking changes made to files.ProductivityEvernote – The ultimate productivity tool for syncing information across all of your devices. Highly searchable.

HipChat – We use HipChat as our private Instant Message platform in the office. You can share files and create private rooms.

Gliffy – We use Gliffy to draw diagrams and map out plans for marketing funnels.

Podio – We use Podio as our project management platform. We can share files, track progress and collaborate on specific projects from within Podio.

Google Docs – We use Google Docs to store and collaborate on documents that we use and update often.

Virtual Meeting/Webinar

GoToMeeting – We use GoToMeeting for small meetings where we need screen sharing capability.

GoToWebinar – We use GoToWebinar to deliver and record large webinars to customers and prospects.

Social Media

HootSuite Pro – We use Hootsuite Pro to manage Twitter. We like how easy it is to add Google UTM parameters in the pro version. It’s easy to use and cloud based.
Graphic Design/Images

Dreamstime – We use Dreamstime to purchase royalty free images for blog posts and other marketing collateral. They have a very large selection and good pricing.

Adobe Creative Cloud – We use Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro and occasionally Dreamweaver in-house to create and edit graphics, web pages and video.

Customer Service

Zendesk – We use Zendesk to manage customer service both through email and phone.

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