November 5

Decide What You’re Going To Be When You Grow Up

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Deer Oh Deer
So, I’m driving down the street and I see an old pickup truck with “Computers For Sale” on the back. After I composed myself from laughing so hard, I was thinking to myself, “Would I buy a computer from a pickup truck?”


What I thought was even more interesting was that on the side of the truck, there was a sign that said “Lawn Care & Handyman Work”

Okay, is it just me or is this totally ridiculous?

Logically, even if I was convinced (which is highly unlikely) to buy a computer from a guy in a pickup truck, I surely wouldn’t want the same guy cutting my grass or fixing my toilet.

And vice versa, I wouldn’t want a plumber working on my computer either.

Let’s get it together people… and decide what we want to do!

Small Business Marketing Tip:

Decide what your core business is and focus on that – ONLY. If you want to do additional things, make sure they’re in your field of expertise.

If you’re talented enough and so compelled to do something like “lawn care” AND “computer sales”, then form two separate businesses. Consumers are looking for experts. In a consumer’s mind, there’s no way that a guy who’s a great landscaper can do a good job at building computers too.


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