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Deer Oh Deer

One of the reasons I think I’m so successful at small business marketing is because I love the work I’m doing, I love the products and services I’m selling, and most of all I love my clients…well, most if them :-)

The reason why this is so important in good marketing is because when you really love the people you’re working with, and the products you’re ’selling’, it’s no longer is selling…it’s loving.

Think about someone you love…your mother, your dad, your spouse, etc… If you knew about something that would truly change their lives, would you tell them about it? Would you feel like you we’re selling them?


You’d know that you were doing them a service by guiding them towards something that would help them.

It’s the same for your business…Especially when you’re marketing your business. You need to fall in love with your clients. Care for them and protect them, just as you would a loved one. And in caring for them, you guide them to doing the things that are good for them – doing business with you. Because you know that the competitor down the street isn’t going to love them like you do. Their prices may be lower, they may have a few more bells and whistles, but they don’t love your clients – you do.

This come through in your marketing material, your communication with your clients and in the work you do. You’ll emit your love for them in everything you do.

And they’ll thank you for it…with their wallet.

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Antonio Thornton is a hilarious dad, mediocre Salsa dancer and business strategist with Money Mouth Marketing, a results-based marketing firm

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