November 10

No Such Thing As Objections – or – “Vitamin D…for DUMB!”


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I was in a Vitamin Shop that will remain nameless….but if you need a hint, it rhymes with “Vitamin Shop”.

Anywho…I was looking for a supplement and found the one that looked like it would give me exactly what I was looking for. Just before I purchased it, I whipped out my phone, scanned the UPC code and was able to find the same exact product online at a well-known online retailer for $8.90 less including shipping.

Shortly thereafter, a sales rep came over and asked if I needed any help.
I said to him, ”Well, I want to get this supplement and I see that it’s 9 dollars cheaper on this site…”

He said, “Okay.”

Nothing else

“Is there any difference between this product and the one online?”


“Do you price match?”


So I asked a ‘dumb’ question…”Is there any reason why should buy this here?”

His response, “Well, I guess not.”


So, of course I left and bought the supplement from the site.

A significant lesson to learn here was that the sale was not lost because of price, but because of the inability of this guy to sell me on the value of something I already wanted.

Yes, online it was a few dollars cheaper…but his opportunity was to sell me on why I should get it in the store.

First, his immediate response could have been, “Yes, you can get it for a few bucks cheaper, but you can get it NOW here in the store…You wouldn’t have to put your health on hold for 5-7 business days.”

comic expression BAM! Great comeback…

Secondly, he could have said, “Yes, they’re cheaper, but you wouldn’t have a live person to answer your questions.”


Yet another great response!

I could probably think of a ton more.

In sales this is called framing or (re)framing.

It’s a concept that changes the context of an objection so that it no longer is an objection.

Instead of ‘objections’ I like to call them observations. (You’ll see why below)

When you know you’re delivering real value, this works in almost EVERY situation.

Here are a few:

  • Observation: I see you’ve only been in business for 1 year, do you think you can do the job?Reframe: Absolutely! Because I’m new at ______, I’m hungrier than fat cats who’ve been doing this for years and I’ll work harder for you.

    A second reframe could be: Yes, and because of that, I have a fresh approach to _____.

  • Observation: I really want what you have, but I can’t afford to buy your services.Reframe: Do you not see that as a problem in and of itself? This is the perfect opportunity to turn things around for your company. When you really look at it, you can’t afford not to get this.
  • Observation: The economy is bad…and things aren’t going well for us now…Reframe: I agree, which is why this is the perfect time to _________. The best investments are made in a down economy.
  • Observation: The economy is is good and things are going great for us now…Reframe: I agree, which is why this is the perfect time to _________. The best time to strengthen your foundation and shore up in case of a turn is when things are good.

Easy reframes to change the context of the observation and deepen the value of the offering.

The guy at the store pretty much gave up and told me to buy it from the other place. Geez

One argument could be that the vitamin guy is only working for $9/hr and he doesn’t have the training or desire to “sell through objections”.

Unfortunately, sales opportunities are lost like this all the time to entrepreneurs who’ve been in business for years.

They give up when there’s even an inkling of a “no” or “objection”.

Don’t let that be you.

Take Away / Action Item

Think of the objections you tend to hear the most.

First, reframe them in your mind as “observations” and not objections – Psychologically, this makes a HUGE difference in how you handle them.

Secondly, think of how you can ‘reframe’ an observation to deepen the value you’re offering. Note I didn’t say “think of rebuttals” — this is not about becoming a slick sales guy with snappy rebuttals…. this is about understanding and communicating the value you’re offering your clients in your presentation.

Antonio Thornton is a hilarious dad, mediocre Salsa dancer and business strategist with Money Mouth Marketing, a results-based marketing firm. Money Mouth Marketing is the only firm in Georgia who guarantees a minimum 3x ROI for it’s clients (Yes, we’ve checked). To grow your busines, grab this free report on the 3 things you can do right now to generate immediate


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