December 15

Please, Just Throw My Bank Statements In The Trash…

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Ya know…it irritates the crap out of me when people who are infinitely ‘less smart’ as you affect the way you do business or live your life. This is usually the case when these people call themselves ‘regulating’ something, like the government always does.

My email is constantly blocked because of the business I’m in – Marketing. My website address has the words money and marketing in it, so of course I’m a ’spammer’…

My emails get blocked REGARDLESS if my subscribers have requested my information. Who’s idea is this?!?

It’s like the Post Office just deciding that since Bank of America is talking about money in their letters and statements, they throw all BOA’s mail in the garbage before it reaches their customers.

The majority of the people running our government know nothing about running a business, yet they’re always telling us (business owners) how we can and cannot do business. Like the CAN-SPAM act. This is one of the most ridiculous pieces if ‘legislature’ I’ve ever seen. “Let’s tell spammers to put their home address in their emails so we can go arrest them…” – Whatever!

Anyway. I’m going to be posting the Money Mouth Moment Newsletter on the blog to help cut down on delivery problems. You’ll be able to access it at here

The moral of the story is: The only thing constant in this world is change. You have to be able to adapt in everything you do especially business. CAN-SPAN put some people out of business, but it made others millions. What are the areas in your business that may have changed that you should adapt to?

For those of you who have been having difficulty, I’ll put a short intro to the article in the email and paste a link to the full story…


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