December 10

Small Business Marketing Advice: Cream Of the Crap

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Deer Oh Deer

Typically, I don’t use the misguided efforts of other people to make a point, because I (want to) believe that people are doing the best they can with what they have….but, if this is the “best” this” person has…then I REALLY question why they’re in business.

So, here’s a photo of a handwritten sign selling body cream. Saw this while driving past a local marketplace. There’s just so much to say…but I’ll stick with a couple of quick points that you can take away from this marketing lesson.

First off, the sign is handwritten. It costs about 50 – 75 cents (when you order 100) to have a professionally printed sign made. Just spend the money to look professional. Now, one could easily ask, “What if the person didn’t have $50 to order 100 signs…?” then I would question whether they actually have “the best cream around”. ESPECIALLY because it’s on a handwritten sign…and poorly done at that. My 6-year-old niece could have done a better job than this.

Secondly, the sign was very poorly placed. The only reason why I saw it is because I’m constantly look for things like this. Yes, I actually actively look for these street-side signs to see what they say. (Mainly because I built my computer company using these signs.) It’s in a place where one would have to park their car, get out, and take a photo of it using their iPhone just to get the number :-) If you’re going to use these type of signs, place them where people are most likely to see them – Stop signs, red lights, etc.

Thirdly, I decided to call the number…this is where it gets fun. They answer the phone “hello” – music blasting in the background.

Here’s the convo –

Them: “Hello?”

Me: “Is this where I get the cream?”

Them: “Um.. yeah”

Me: “Really?!?”

Them: “Yeah, hold on…”
[phone shuffles around] then someone else comes to the line

Them (person 2): “Hello?”

Me: “Is this where I get the cream?”

Them (person 2): “Yeah, we got the cream…”

Me: “Never mind…” [hang up]

So 3 marketing lessons here:
1) Spend the extra few CENTS to get a sign professionally made
2) If you’re going to use street-side signs, place them where people can actually see them
3) Do I really need to say BE PROFESSIONAL when you answer the phone?


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