November 26

Small Business Marketing Tip #112: Do An “Unlimited” Offer For A Quick Cash Infusion

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If you need a quick influx of cash for your business , here’s a fun marketing tip you can do right now and see results in as little as 24-hours.

The few top-paying clients I’ve shared this with have reported some amazing results:

  • $4,700 in 24 hours.
  • $5,100 in 72 hours
  • $3,000 in 48 hours
  • $6,600 in 48 hours
  • $11,000 in 6 days

Think this type of cash infusion could help your business? Read on…

If your business can support it, try an “unlimited” service offering for a “too-good-to-be-true” price.

A few examples:
If you’re a massage therapist you can offer unlimited massages for a month. ($500)
If you’re a handyman, you can offer unlimited services (under a certain dollar amount) for a quarter ($1,000)
A barber, unlimited cuts for 3 months ($100)
Computer repair, unlimited service, ($500)

the prices I’ve included are just examples – You can choose whatever price works for your business, but the real benefit of this is having a price that’s what I call a “godfather” deal – one that your clients cannot refuse.

Here’s why this works:

1) This is an INCREDIBLE value for your clients and they’d be total morons to pass up on a deal like this…

2) NO ONE can get 30 massages or hair cuts in a month… In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who could get 1 or 2 a week with everyone’s hectic schedule.

This is called “breakage”

People feel like they’re getting the value, but it’s up to THEM to use the service. And MOST don’t

So, you may be wondering 2 things at this point:

1) What if people actually DO use the unlimited service?

2) Isn’t it ripping people off if I sell this knowing people won’t use the full service?

Both legitimate concerns and I’ll address them here:

#1 – What if people actually use the service as much as possible…
In the unlikely event that someone actually does take you up on your unlimited offer, there are two things to consider… 1) If you are THAT concerned about this issue, you can create some ‘limits’ to the service offerings or limit what services people can actually utilize… this takes away from the value, but can still work.

The second thing to consider is – “So what?” So what if someone takes you up on the unlimited offer? It’s better to be doing something than nothing…it’s money you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

And one thing I know about business: is that business begets business. The busier you are, the more business you attract. For example: what do you think when you walk past an empty restaurant compared to one that has a waiting list? You probably think the one with no customers has bad food or service…. right?

Same thing with your business, just the fact that you have a ‘packed’ house, will attract more business.

A third consideration is that you can always upsell the people who are there to get other things that you aren’t including in the unlimited package.

And fourthly, this create a cash infusion. So if you’re behind on rent or need fast cash… this works wonders.

#2 – Are you ripping people off?

If you think you’re ripping people off, you need to close your business and open up a non-profit.

But seriously, think about it from this perspective: What do most people do with coupons and gift certificates? They stick them in a drawer “for later” and they forget about them until the day AFTER they expire…. right?

How many times have YOU done this?

Did you feel ripped off? No.

You were probably mad at YOURSELF for not using the coupon or certificate…

So, to address your concern…you are NOT ripping people off. You can’t be responsible for EVERY SINGLE person’s life.

Side notes:
You can do a variation of this with products…bundle a bunch of products that are just sitting on your self and get rid of them for CHEAP… they’re just taking up space and wasting your time and money… sell them until they’re gone…don’t restock them and instead of having them take up valuable shelf space, make them a “special order” product.

ONLY do this once or twice per year. If you do this too often, it will lose it’s value and people won’t take you up on the offer

As always, let me know you thoughts


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